LOES THIJSSEN | Tailor-made City
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About This Project

‘Tailor-made cities’ explores different perspectives on architecture and urban planning in a changing society towards a custom-made city. Where the government took all responsibilities on the city planning of the Netherlands untill the 1990’s, the citizen is now taking over certain responsibilities in order to create a tailor-made city, ful lling individual and collective desires and needs.


The book starts with ‘EgoCity’ where the hypothesis of maximum desires / maximum density will be explored through a participatory design process. Every citizen has needs and certain individual desires which might cause con ict with neighbors. Through gaming the con ict between di erent inhabitants’ desires and needs will be solved.


‘Power to the people’ contains a research on the in uence regarding participatory design processes in the contemporary architecture and urban planning. Instead of longterm visionary planning, a more exible and tailor- made planning is desired by the citizens . They became more powerful throughout the years. In the contemporary architectural and urban planning discourse one can notice a bottom-up boom; a fashion where everything became bottom-up and where everyone tries to be bottom-up. What are the elements of such a ‘Bottom-up City’ ?


As citizens are pushed to or want to be more independent, the Noah City is exploring a self-sufficient, independent city block. The survival kit includes all we need in the 21st century: closing the circles of food, water, waste and energy.