LOES THIJSSEN | Sou Fujimoto: Exhibition Yukio Futagawa
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About This Project

Renowned editor and publisher for GA magazine and architectural photographer Yukio Futagawa had different exhibitions around Japan for his photographs MINKA 1955 about Japanese traditional houses. Sou Fujimoto was asked to design the layout of his exhibition in Panasonic Shiodome and Aomori Museum. I have been working on the design of the layout in the Aomori Museum.

The photographs are not hanging on a wall as in normal exhibitions but hanging in the space. Therefore a more open and playfull environment is created where visitiors have the impresion of taking a leisurely stross, while check out the wonderful photographs with strong constrasts and lines. Futagawa’s photographs brought out different kinds of beauty. There is the beauty of form, beauty of a group, beauty of the streets. Futagawa explained: “Instead of artificial components, minka are made from soil, wood and straw. The elements are mixed up in such a way that they create different patterns. The people who live there actually create the houses. So everything comes natural, nothing is strained.” This was how Futagawa’s photo collection “Traditional Japanese Houses” came to be. The series became a sensation, shedding new light on and inspiring a major re-evaluation of traditional minka.

Image and video borrowed from: http://www.museum.or.jp/modules/topics/?action=view&id=242