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About This Project

1to1 Mobil is an expandable multipurpose mobile space aimed at supporting EU-migrants currently residing in Sweden. It will act as a multipurpose space for Swedish language instruction, workshop activities and market stall from which products can be sold. This mobile structure aims to empower and provide service to some of the most vulnerable in society and facilitate their economic and social development.


The project is being designed and built in cooperation with the Stockholm-based organisation HEM whose mission organises volunteers and efforts aiming to better the situation of EU-migrants in Sweden.


The structure´s mobility allows it to work within existing realities of transitory, ephemeral communities and its association with HEM provides continual support and facilitation.


The situation

Today there are a record number of migrants arriving in Sweden, living in extreme poverty. There are many issues surrounding this, so we’ve decided to focus on a ground-up strategy aiming at education, manual skills and basic services. It is going to be a self-help project, providing a pathway for economic and social empowerment for EU migrants.


The mission

The commission from HEM is to build a multipurpose space on wheels, that can be transported to where it is needed. This is both to help it move between camps and events but also makes it able to follow camps around when they have to be moved.


The space will provide an opportunity to work as a lecture theatre for teaching Swedish to migrants, furthering existing efforts from HEM and other organisations. It will also be a space that can be used to create contact between the EU-migrants and society at large, providing a much needed social and cultural link. It can travel to festivals and other events and be used as a market stall from which to sell handicraft and also work as a space for meetings and information sessions.


Additionally, the structure will provide access to basic amenities – simple medical supplies, fresh water, electricity and warmth.


Working with a brief from HEM we are confident that what we are doing is actually needed, and that the result of our project will be put to good use. In the end, we will hand over the ownership of the project to HEM. They will then run it to suit their and the EU-migrants needs.


The proposal

We are revitalising a pre-existing, reinforced caravan chassi that will act as a base for our project. When on the road, it is going to be a closed structure, that can expand, doubling the floor area when parked and unfolded.



Students: Emil Almesjo, Noa Ericson, Brendan Josey, Tobias Lidman, Loes Thijssen & Elin Pantzare

Tutors: Anders Berensson, Ebba Hallin